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Poster of invitation to Refuel your Courage Picture of Kim Snider

Building Courage and Networking

Refuel your courage - Presented by PeopleBrain

In a busy world full of distraction, pushing and pulling, it seems people need you - 

to make a decision, to say the right thing, to make life easier / better / less complicated -

this night is about refueling our courage. 

Entrepreneurs, Women in business, Leaders:

It is busy. Insist on taking the time to reflect, refuel, truly be selfish about our own drive and determination and success. 

Together let's be inspired by Brene Brown's Netflix Special, let's network and most 

importantly, let's talk, listen and share.  How we are showing up, choosing courage, finding joy! evening to refuel our Courage.  Please join us!

Not just networking.  It's building courage.   Waterloo Region.  Brene Brown Netflix Special.  Leave a little more brave.

Join us

Take time for yourself... 

Refuel your bravery...

Meet interesting people...

Be inspired... 

Lean into discomfort....

"Live in the arena!"

Find the joy by being courageous!