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Kimberly Snider smiling

Entrepreneur, trusted HR Partner

Entrepreneur, trusted HR Partner

Entrepreneur, trusted HR PartnerEntrepreneur, trusted HR Partner

PeopleBrain can help



Kim Snider

Kim Snider

Companies have people issues and leaders can't sleep at night because they need to resolve "people" problems ... PeopleBrain can help.

Leaders who are  passionate,driven to succeed, and need support from a "People and Culture Guru" ... PeopleBrain can help.

  • Talent Strategy
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Performance Management
  • Building an engaged workplace 


Do you need a fractional Human Resources consultant passionate for people and "winning!" in Waterloo Region?


Kim Snider

Kim Snider

Kim Snider

Emotional Intelligent Leader, People and Culture Activist, Positivity Advocate, Human Resources Professional 

and HR Business Partner.


I help leaders with:

  • Difficult conversations
  • Building dynamic, innovative, diverse and  highly engaged teams
  • Performance Management and career planning 
  • HR strategies

Looking for a Trusted Adviser in Human Resources in Waterloo Region? 

The People's Champion

Kim advocates for your success – in business. She is “the People’s Champion.” She is inspired by people’s courage, personal development and great leaders. She is often researching how leaders and thought-leaders are successful, reading books that offer keys to high achievement, recommendations and philosophies. She is often found in conversation, listening to people about their stories, their successes – personal as well as their business. 

Kim is an “activator” that makes things happen - turning the leaders’ and teams’ thoughts, ideas into action! She has an innate ability to connect with people, grasp the overarching strategy as well as the struggles, spot relevant patterns and issues and brainstorm a path to forge ahead. 

Kim is a creative person, who’s natural optimism inspires people around her.  She has a contagious enthusiasm.  Her cheerful nature, engaging style is able to motivate and inspire individuals and groups to excellence. She works with leaders to build something outstanding… not just something good. 

People And culture, HR business partner

 Kim is a Human Resources Professional and Trusted Advisor, who has worked closely with ambitious, focused, inspiring Senior Executives and Leaders over the course of her career (in Toronto, Greater Toronto as well as across South Western Ontario). She creates a safe and trusted advisor relationship, to support the leader’s growth, build the team as well as propel the business forward. She has experience in Organization Change Leadership, Performance Management, building Talent Strategies and difficult conversations. 

People on your mind? was founded in 2018 after a career in the “corporate world” to focus on and share her talents as a People and Culture advocate, a champion for leaders and employee engagement, emotional intelligence and creative problem solving to ensure businesses thrive! Kim is always ready to roll up her sleeves help small businesses and entrepreneurs when they can’t sleep at night, because they have people issues on their mind – they have PeopleBrain.

If you or someone you know, in the Waterloo Region and surrounding area needs assistance with people issues, people and culture, people strategy - on contract, extensive or fractional HR - to collaborate, advocate, act as a trusted advisor and thought-partner... drop a line on Instagram

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