Do you have ideas that need to be activated? PeopleBrain can help.


Difficult Conversations

sad face arrow points to happy face

Need to have a difficult conversation?


Solution creation includes planning, preparing for conversation, follow up support and resolution.

Performance Management

chalk map of a play by play

Struggling with under-performance?

Want to ensure your best people stay?


Review and potentially build a new performance management cycle and templates.

Building a Highly
Engaged Team

light bulbs like newtons cradle

 The team needs to thrive in order to thrive in business. 


Brainstorm and build crisp action plan to bring Team Action Plan to life.

Talent Plan

chalk drawing of a brainstorm of business success

Building a talented team?


Let's build your strategic Talent plan.  


Point A and point B messy line verses a straight line.

Need a change agent?


Let's build a plan to support them as well as the business.


chalk drawing connecting people bubbles to other people bubbles.

Need a Human Resources business partner for your PeopleBrain? or Consultation on a new project?


We can help!